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Monopoly Go Free Rolls – How to Get Free Dice Links 2023

In the world of mobile gaming, Monopoly Go has taken the classic family board game and given it a fresh twist. It’s all about accumulating wealth, teaming up with friends, or potentially betraying them in a game where flipping the board over is not an option. However, as you dive into Monopoly Go, you’ll quickly realize that Monopoly Go free rolls, the essential resource for gameplay, aren’t handed out freely. But fear not, because we’ve got the inside scoop on how to snag those elusive free dice.

Monopoly Go: A Quick Overview

Before we dive into the strategies for obtaining free rolls, let’s briefly review what Monopoly Go is all about. It’s a casual mobile game inspired by the classic Monopoly board game, but with a modern twist. You can collaborate with friends to accumulate wealth or engage in ruthless competition, all while rolling dice on a virtual Monopoly board. Think of it as Coin Master meets Monopoly, except instead of spinning slots, you’re rolling dice. Like Coin Master, though, you’ll find that the game starts asking for your hard-earned cash after a certain number of rolls.

But, unlike Coin Master, you won’t find the option to casually hop on Facebook and grab some free spins through links. In Monopoly Go, you’ll need to rely on your wits and a few clever tactics to ensure you can play more than a single session each day. Lucky for you, we’ve invested a considerable amount of time into the game and gathered some valuable tips, tricks, and cheats to help you secure more Monopoly Go free dice.

Maximizing Your Monopoly Go Free Rolls

Consider the following strategies as your daily checklist to maximize your Monopoly Go free rolls:

  1. Instagram Stories: Keep an eye on Scopely’s official Instagram account for potential giveaways of Monopoly Go free dice, often through competitions. Follow the account and see what goodies you can score.
  2. Daily Links: Just like Coin Master, Monopoly Go offers a limited number of free dice through links each day. However, they’re a bit tricky to get hold of and can only be found in the Discord community. These links have a short expiration time, so set up notifications and check Discord regularly for your chance to grab some extra rolls.
  3. Play Regularly: To maximize your free rolls, make it a habit to play the game regularly. You earn a free roll every five minutes, with an initial cap of 30 rolls. As you level up, you can increase this cap, but remember that any rolls beyond this limit go to waste. Set up notifications or check in at least twice a day to ensure you make the most of your free rolls.
  4. Town Upgrades: Use the money you earn from rolling dice to invest in town upgrades, such as statues, buildings, and other points of interest. Once you’ve fully upgraded a town, you’ll earn Monopoly Go free rolls that you can use on the board. So, spending wisely in Monopoly Go pays off.
  5. Level Up: Your net worth in the game increases as you roll dice and spend money, which also corresponds to your level. As your net worth rises, you’ll receive various rewards, including occasional free rolls. Keep playing, and this will naturally happen as you progress.
  6. Complete Albums: Similar to Coin Master, you can collect stickers that come in packs. These stickers belong to specific albums, and completing an album earns you rewards, including free rolls. You can acquire stickers through gameplay, events, or daily logins. Don’t fret too much about chasing them down, as you can trade duplicates with friends or join trading groups on Facebook.
  7. Login Rewards: When you log in to Monopoly Go each day, you’ll receive a reward, and yes, this can include free rolls. You can check the rewards on a weekly basis to keep track of when to expect those extra dice.
  8. Daily Challenges: Every day, you can complete three simple challenges to earn quick rewards. These challenges occasionally include free rolls, so make it a daily habit to check in and complete them. Plus, these daily challenges contribute to your progress toward weekly rewards.
  9. Add Friends: Inviting friends to join and play Monopoly Go can be rewarding. Each time a friend starts playing the game through your invitation, you earn 30 free rolls. So, go ahead and invite as many friends as you can to bolster your dice collection.
  10. Join the Free Rolls Discord: There’s a Discord community dedicated to Monopoly Go where links for more free dice are dropped daily. Be sure to act quickly to secure these freebies before they disappear.

In conclusion, Monopoly Go can be an exciting mobile gaming experience, but acquiring free rolls can be a challenge. By following these strategies and keeping an eye on various platforms and events, you can maximize your chances of accumulating Monopoly Go free dice. So, roll the virtual dice, build your empire, and enjoy the world of Monopoly Go on Google Play today.

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